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Phone number being used for phishing.

Posted by SayWhat one month ago

Got a random text from this number today. Here is the text:

Hello Larry, long time no see. How have you been recently? Let's go to steak dinner together when you are free.

But I have had my phone number for over 20 years and I don't even know anyone named Larry, much less anyone in Minnesota.

Posted by Keith Shelton 2 months ago

Hacker hacker hacked through cricket design claims to be from Microsoft he's a douchebag

Posted by Moe 4 months ago


Posted by Moe 4 months ago

CallerID says "Verizon" (with Verified by Verizon icon) but person was calling on behalf of CVS Pharmacy to update ID, medical, and medicare info (starting with former address from 25 years ago). PHISHING (Verizon<>CVS; very old address but I've updated CVS pharmacy insurance coverage several times; wanted sensitive details)

Posted by Bill 4 months ago