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scammer number, wanted to click on a link that stated that I had a packaged held in USPS.

Posted by Luther Haynes 4 hours ago

872-484-1613 They called and wanted to be placed on hold. Weird. Not heard of any person that calls in for a company and wants to be put on hold.

Posted by Luther Haynes 6 days ago


Posted by Shelly one month ago

(Scam) thus person is part of a group which steals info from your phone. First they call your number several times a day and hang up. When I return the call it gives the theft remote access to ur phone. It’s Trojan which gives them remote access to your phone to steal credit card info and banking passwords. If u get a call from this number do not return the call.

Posted by Jewel llove one month ago

This person calls your phone to get remote access to steal credit card and banking info. If you get a call from this number do I not respond. Calling back will activate the Trojan remote access.

Posted by Jewel llove one month ago