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This is my phone number but you have my son's name and email addresses instead. He has never used this phone number as his own.

Posted by Kelly Johnson Whittlesey 8 days ago


Posted by charles summers 8 days ago

DAMN, Sexy AF! A beautiiful, honest, woman, and Great work ethic.

Posted by charles summers 8 days ago

Beware of Sarah M Newman (aka) Sarah M. Flores, Writer
i.e., [email protected]
She IS A DISHONEST NARCISSIST. You have been warned.

Posted by charles summers 8 days ago

I keep getting text messages from this number saying it is UPS and they cannot deliver my package due to incorrect address. They want me to click a link to update my address. I'm pretty sure it is a scam. When I do a search of the website to click it says it is a deceptive site trying to get my info.

Posted by Anna Servati 29 days ago